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San Martín Bakery and Restaurant, named as the “Best Brunch” in Dallas, by The Dallas Observer

San Martín Bakery and Restaurant, located at 3120 McKinney ave, has been named as the “Best Brunch” in Dallas, Texas, by the Dallas Observer. On September 24th 2021, the Dallas Observer published the results of the poll in which they asked thousands of foodies all around Dallas which one was the best restaurant to enjoy a delicious brunch. The poll revealed that the majority of the participants love the European – latin flavored combinations that San Martín offers.  

San Martín is a Guatemalan bakery and restaurant, founded over 47 years ago and now has over 50 stores across Guatemala, El Salvador and United States. In December 2018, San Martín opened its doors for the first time in Dallas, Texas, a city known for its gastronomic scene rich in culture, flavor and elegance.  

San Martín´s brunch menu offers a variety of delicious dishes, such as sandwiches made with freshly baked bread, Mexican Chilaquiles made with handcrafted sauce, pasta made from scratch and delicious pastries fresh from the oven! 

Today, thousands of people travel across the U.S. to get a taste of these delicious dishes and baked goods that can only be found at San Martín.  

For more information about San Martín, follow us on Instagram @sanmartinusa and visit us at 3120 McKinney ave, Uptown Dallas. 

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