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Pan de muerto

Guatemala is a country rich in legends and traditions. One of our most important holidays is one in which everyone can take part, regardless of their background. All Saints’ Day, also known as Día de Todos los Santos, is a day during which people travel over great distances to bring flowers and food to the graves of their loved ones in a celebration that distinguishes itself by its liveliness. Instead of grieving for the dead, we celebrate their lives by coming together for a meal. The bread of the dead, Pan de Muerto, is a sweet bread specially made to celebrate this holiday. Its ingredients and shapes vary depending on the region, but it is always produced as a ceremonial bread that can be placed on shrines and altars for our late family members.

Pan de Muerto is a ceremonial and symbolic bread, where the decorative elements represent skull and crossbones, a common symbol of death. This bread is offered at the graves to nourish the souls of the deceased who return to the world of the living during this holiday, along with the favorite foods of the deceased. This bread, a sweet bread, is made of flour, native grains, sugar, milk, orange extract and orange zest.

At San Martin we have crafted an original recipe for Pan de Muerto, which has achieved nationwide popularity, and continues to be in great demand as a perfect offering to our loved ones in all parts of our country. We invite you to try this delicious sweet-bread with our Artisan Hot Chocolate, atole (a masa-based drink), or coffee. Now-a-days, Pan de Muerto is meant to create a meaningful and communal experience, to bring families together, celebrate those who have passed away and celebrate life itself.

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