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San Martín… Our History

Welcome to San Martín! We are delighted you are here today and want to share a bit of our story and values.

Our story begins back in 1974 as a small neighborhood bakery in Guatemala City. At the time, our production line had only 4 employees and our processes were 100% artisanal (many of the same processes that we still use today).

What began as a small neighborhood bakery, has evolved into over 60 San Martín stores in Guatemala and El Salvador, all of which are still considered neighborhood bakeries by thousands of families. Hard work, vision and passion have led us to have opened at least 1 store per year for the last 40 years! We are proud that we have now expanded our horizons to a new market, opening our first location in the USA in December 2018: a milestone that seemed (very) distant when we began in 1974.

The San Martín team is driven by excellence, loyalty, honesty, humbleness, and teamwork and practice these values in a day- to-day basis in order to meet our goals. Our bakers put their skills to work at the crack of dawn every day, ensuring our customers always have freshly baked goods.

Over the years, we have engaged in long-lasting friendships with European artisan bakers that have guided us in appreciating the art of baking. Throughout every step of the product development process, we are committed to keeping artisan traditions and techniques alive.

We are happy to serve you today and look forward to seeing you again soon. Don't forget to visit our bakery to take some baked goods home!




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